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Lowering Costs and Risks of Litigation

We are not in Kansas any more. Litigation and regulation have irrevocably changed how we do business. Organizations of all stripes are coming to grips with the fact that they must take charge of their electronic data assets. The risks of not doing so are immense, the costs skyrocketing.

Smart companies are embarking on comprehensive, enterprise wide initiatives to prepare for continuing litigation and regulatory scrutiny. A key role and exposure factor is played by legacy data stored on backup tapes (and, in many cases, optical disks).

What is a company to do?
For most organizations legacy data represents one the most daunting challenges. Volumes of such data are astronomical. It is not uncommon for larger business enterprises to have hundreds of thousands or even more than a million backup tapes. These tapes represent not only legal and regulatory risk but, operational inefficiencies and costs.

The stakes are high and growing. Time is not on our side. Tape media ages, old software formats become increasingly less accessible, organizational knowledge of tape contents dissipates. The sooner an organization embarks on the journey to take charge of its legacy data the sooner it receives the benefits of having done so.

NDC Solution
NDC offers simple, key steps that can propel an organization on the path to litigation readiness.

The first step is to catalog and index tape contents to get an accurate perspective on the embedded risks. This also allows for formulating the most effective strategy going forward. Including more timely, targeted and cost effective response to any future litigation.

The next step is to consolidate old backups into single instance, higher capacity backup formats that further enhance litigation response and lower costs. Reduction ratios of 100 to 1 can be accomplished with the right strategy and tools. The legacy data can be loaded into compliance and litigation ready email archives or records management solutions that add state of the art discovery response and further lower exposure and going forward costs.

A final step may be to load the targeted legacy data sets into on-line email archives and records management solutions to gain the benefits of immediate response and effective risk assessment.

These steps, executed without the time pressures and multiple layers typically associated with reactive response, can be accomplished at substantially reduced costs. The cost savings then perpetuate for any future utility of the tape contents, whether in discovery, compliance or simple operation needs such as disaster recovery.

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