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COSTS, RISKS - No End in Sight

Sweeping regulatory changes, fueled by prominent corporate scandals that grab front page headlines, compounded by an increasingly aggressive enforcement climate, have created a daunting regulatory compliance challenge. The expectations and demands of regulatory bodies have escalated in scope and urgency. Further, it has become clear that these changes are generally here to stay, even if nuances evolve over time.

Effective management of electronic records of all types has taken on a new prominence in this  new GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Complaince) context.

A key component of effective response to these challenges has been to implement various electronic data management solutions such as email archives and information life cycle management. Legacy data streams have become the focus of attention as the greatest challenge to success in this arena.

NDC Solution

NDC enables the downstream solutions, whether email archives or document review environments, with the legacy data that is indispensable to maximizing the return on the solution investment.A solution without data is like a car without gas, beautiful to look at but of no practical use. We make sure you have access to the data that you need.

NDC has partnered with the leading email archive solution providers to re-purpose legacy data streams residing on backup tapes and optical disks for ingestion into their solutions. NDC restores tape contents, de-duplicates and normalizes emails into easily ingestible formats.

Based on over 20 years of experience, NDC has the most comprehensive, reliable and scalable resources to accomplish tape restoration and email processing for ingestion into compliance mandated email archives.

Experience counts - our track record speaks for itself. From the largest single tape backup restoration and email archive loading project to over 42,000 successful projects with over 5,000 clients worldwide. In fact, NDC successfully executed the single largest tape restoration and email processing project in history, with over 65,000 tapes and more than 14 billion emails.

We handle every physical media format, every backup format, every email format. Period. We also handle every email archive format, document management system format and legacy data stream.

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