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Optical Disk Formats
NDC handles all current and past generations of optical disk formats, 3.5”, 5.25”, 12” and 14” including Read/Write and all flavors of WORM (Write Once Read Many) technologies. In fact, NDC has partnered with a leading optical disk driver technology developer to ensure we can offer the most robust optical disk access and recovery capabilities in the industry. Coupled with our 20 years of experience dealing with proprietary document imaging, COLD and medical imaging formats, and an unequaled set of resources, we are optimally positioned to address any legacy optical disk conversion and recovery issues. Below is an abbreviated list of some of the optical disk related formats we handle.

Optical Disk Media

  • Plasmon UDO (Ultra Density Optical) 30GB, WORM & R/W P5200W/E, P1500E, P9100E/W, P2300E, P942,  PLD LM4000, PLD LM1200, PLD LM6000, PLD LM8000, PLD UDO30WO5, UDO30RW5
  • Sony 12”, 5.25” EDM-4100B, EDM-640, EDMG23C/E, EDM-230C, EDM-128C, PDDRW23, EDM-600B, CWO-8600B, EDM-4800C, EDM-8600B/2, EDM-2300B, EDM-4100C, EDM-540C2, EDM-5200B/2
  • Panasonic LM-D500W, LM-D501W, LM-D702W, LM-R1500A, LM-R1400A, LM-W1400A, LF-7300A & LF-7304A, LF-7090,
  • Pioneer DEC-502, DEC-702, DC-17GWO/GMO
  • Philips 64PDO, 74PDO, 64PDO, 85PDO, 86PDO, 51PDO, 52PDO, 61PDO, 62PDO, 71PDO, 72PDO, 81PDO, 82PDO, 83PDO, 31PDO, 32PDO, 33PDO, 34PDO
  • IBM including 200mb 5.25”, WORM, 3595, IBM 23R2568, IBM 23R2567, 59H4789 , 09G7343 , 59H4791 
  • LMSI LD-1200E-701, LD320-401, LD520-401G, LF4500, LD510, LM1200
  • MDI Laserbank 600
  • Optimem
  • Hitachi
  • Sharp JY-8000, JY-750
  • Ricoh RO-5061E, RO5060E, RO-5030E, RS9200EX
  • HP 92279T, 92280T, 92279F, 92280F, 88143J, 88147J, C7985A, C7987A, C7988A, C7983A, 92289A, 92289T, 92290T, 92289F, 92290F, 88145J, 88146J, C7986A, C7984A, HEW Q2030A
  • Maxtor MaxOptix & Tahiti series (all models) 2005762RW, 2005760RW, 2005761RW, 3015383RW, 2015385RW, 1015387RW, OC-800, 2006742, 1012541,
  • MedGrade
  • Fujitsu
  • Maxell WORM OC321-2, 620028, 620910, 621110, 621910 and R/W 622310, 622210, 621415, 624010, 624110, 621415, 590810, 590610
  • Verbatim VER 89980, VER 89982 89980
  • Flopticals 21mb
  • Imation SuperDisk LS-120 120mb



IBM, Panasonic, Pioneer, MaxOptics, Sony, Kodak, Laser, Magnetics, Hawlett Packard, Wang, Ricoh, Plasmon, Pinnacle Micro, Hitachi, Canon, ATG, Toshiba, LMSI, Nikon, Optimem, Sharp, Cygnet, DISC, NKK, Dynatek.

Document Imaging/Management
FileNet, File Magic, COINS, IBM, OMBASE, MOD: CA/IOCA, HP Real Time, IBM Image Plus, Real Vision, Data Works-Recall, Mantissa-AOM, Vision Data Systems, Laserview, LaserFisch, Paper Clip, ISI (Information Storage Inc.), TREEV, Diskfile, Minolta, Lanier, MIMS, Inmagic, Optrieve, Optisys, Optika, PaperWise. COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk), NCR, RECALL, Optika.

Medical Imaging
GE Medical systems all formats, Siemens, Phillips, Toshiba, Picker, Marconi, all versions of DICOM.

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