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Clarity of Focus and Commitment

Over 20 years ago, NDC recognized the strategic importance of data in the evolving technology landscape and developed a unique focus on one of the most neglected elements of technology implementation – data provisioning of technology solutions with legacy data through data conversion.

This unique focus, combined with 20 years of cumulative experience and acquisition of ever expanding resources, have positioned NDC as the industry leader in electronic data conversion services.

The current focus of the business community on regulatory compliance and litigation response have created a unique opportunity for NDC to showcase it’s unparalleled capabilities.

We are proud to have been a pioneer in this industry and driven many of the technology innovations, such as non-native tape restoration and massively scalable email processing, that now distinguish us clearly from the pack.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction have translated into and unparalleled track record of success with our clients.

We will continue to innovate and lead our industry to new frontiers of technical and professional excellence and keep exceeding our customers expectations.

This is our vision, our commitment and our daily task.

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