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20 years ago, NDC came into existence with a unique proposition based on the understanding that electronic data represents a primary value and is of critical importance in business operations. Correspondingly, access to such data must be ensured as technology evolves.

With this in mind, we selected to concentrate on one of the least understood and most challenging dynamics, that of electronic data conversion between physical and logical formats, to ensure its accessibility and integrity, even as the underlying technologies change.

Over the course of the years, we have assisted thousands of clients in making sure that what has increasingly become recognized as their most valuable asset, their data, will be available to them as they deploy the latest technologies and engage in the various business activities that involve data exchanges or consolidations.

Over two decades, we have had a unique opportunity to witness and participate in the evolutions of many core technologies and guarantee data continuity for our clients across all the needs they have encountered along the way.

Whether the need arises from a technology upgrade, a business merger or a need to exchange data with other parties, NDC has been there to make sure our clients would not experience the potentially debilitating operational disruptions caused by lack of access to important data sets.

The need for our services has never been greater. As electronic data volumes skyrocket, fueled by an increasing variety and pervasiveness of electronic communications, the business community is buffeted by unprecedented regulatory and litigation demands that have put the access to legacy data at the forefront of current debates regarding records management and information life cycle management.

A consistent theme within this debate has been the need to manage legacy data assets with the utmost care and diligence, reflecting its increasing prominence in corporate governance, compliance and risk management. The stakes could never be higher, failure carries risk of criminal and civil penalties, embarrassing publicity and loss of shareholder value.

Much is at stake and we approach each project entrusted to us with the dedication to ensuring success that has characterized our track record through the years.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We would look forward to serving you as a customer and are ready to answer any questions.

Michael Daniec
National Data Conversion

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