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State of the Art Facilities

NDC boasts the largest facilities dedicated to electronic data conversion in the heart of New York City. Logistically convenient, staffed 24/7, we welcome on-site guided visits to showcase our facilities.

Currently at 28,000 square feet, and increasing nearly every year, we have learned how to maximize our resources to achieve unprecedented productivity unmatched by our competitors. Our facilities encompass project specific project labs that assure maximum security, physical data separation and chain of custody enforcement.

Our internal administrative systems include our own comprehensive, custom developed job tracking system that tracks each piece of media, using bar codes, from the time it comes in, through all processing steps until final shipment to the customer.

We have one the largest collections of legacy and most current tape and optical disk technologies and have engineering staff dedicated to continual maintenance to ensure top performance under the heaviest loads and tightest deadlines.

Our offices and processing facilities are securitized by multiple levels of security including:

  • certified fireproof safes
  • continuous video surveillance
  • multiple levels of security including biometrics
  • state-of-the-art electronic network security measures
  • multi-zone security

All validated by client audits.

Come and visit when you are in town – we will be proud to offer you a tour of our facilities.

If you are unable to make the trip, please enjoy this brief presentation of some views of our facilities.

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