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1987 — NDC is founded by its president, Michael Daniec.

The company's mission: to assure data continuity for clients migrating between different technology platforms or needing to exchange data between different system architectures. Daniec decides to leverage his 12 years of experience with different computing platforms, media types and tape backup technologies to ensure the company's clients retain access to their critical data streams as they navigate the varied hardware, software and solutions landscape of the time. Daniec's experience with various systems, media types and tape backup technologies in particular, proves invaluable in setting the tone for industry innovation that are to become NDC's hallmark.

NDC leverages its technical expertise to move to the forefront of the data conversion industry by developing various toolsets for non-native file restoration from disparate systems such as DEC PDP-11 and VAX platforms, Wang environments (VS, OIS), IBM Sys/34/36/38, IBM mainframes, various flavors of Unix and other environments such as over 2,000 proprietary word processing formats (Lanier, CPT, NBI, Xerox ....). NDC also compiles various unique hardware and software resources in support of its services. NDC processes thousands of diskettes including various 8" and 5.25" proprietary formats and thousands of reel and cartridge tapes from various environments. Within a short period of time NDC assumes a leading position in the data conversion industry based on its technical depth and process scalability.

NDC executes some of the largest data conversion projects of the time, assisting clients small and large in migrating to new hardware/software platforms. NDC adds further capabilities to its growing roster of supported platforms, including Wang 2200, IBM AS400, MBI, Quantel, HP-UX,  and many other proprietary formats. Its repertoire of supported formats grows by leaps and bounds. NDC grows its optical platter capabilities to support various proprietary document imaging formats. NDC develops further non-native tape restoration and data conversion tools.

NDC is engaged in one of the largest electronic discovery projects of the time, associated with the tobacco litigation, the processing of thousands of mainframe data tapes containing healthcare data for the population of the whole country. NDC becomes a favored resource of major consulting practices, general and specialized, nationwide, due to its domain expertise. The NDC resource set encompasses more formats than any other entity in the marketplace.

NDC is engaged in an increasing number of litigation and regulatory investigations related projects on behalf of law firms, various specialized consultancies and the law enforcement community. NDC enhances its services for scalability and process control and expands to its service offerings to a variety of new formats including medical imaging. GE Medical Systems engages NDC to become its sole authorized data recovery and conversion partner for medical images from MRI and CT environments.

NDC is engaged for the nation's single largest tape restoration and email processing project to date. NDC scales its processing capabilities to process hundreds of tapes and millions of emails per day. NDC moves to new facilities on Madison Avenue, quadrupling its space and resources. NDC quadruples revenues.

NDC doubles its facilities, staff and other resources. NDC cements its leading role in the industry with key partnerships and across the board expansion of its resources to support further high growth. NDC wins recognition as the go-to partner for tape restoration and email processing.

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